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This product is tents light mobile power, mainly for the brand mobile phones, IPAD, PSP, MP3 / MP4, handheld computers and other products, power supply and charging, but also can provide outdoor camping lighting.
Product charging input for the microUSB interface, the use of constant voltage constant current charging on the built-in battery charging, charging current 5V 1.5A.
· USB output, USB discharge output 5V 2.1A,
Built-in intelligent charge and discharge management chip, multiple intelligent protection, easy to use / safe / reliable, low self-consumption, long standby time, long lighting time, in line with energy efficiency standards, the economy more environmentally friendly.


Rated input voltage: 5VDC
Operating voltage range: 4.5V-5.5VDC
Input current: lin ≤ 1.5A
Battery capacity: 10000mAh
Charging voltage: 5V ± 0.05V
Charging current: 1500mA
USB output current: 2100mA.
Working temperature: 0 ~ +40 ℃
Storage temperature: -20 ~ +40 ℃
Relative humidity ≤90%
Atmospheric pressure: 85 ~ 106Kpa4