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Corporate Culture
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Company philosophy:"Technological innovation honesty and frugality quality first sustainable development"。

Technological Innovation::In hi-tech technology, upgrade products, improving products and create new products。

Honesty:Good faith business philosophy and customers to grow and achieve double-surplus。

Quality first:Excellent product quality is the cornerstone of all bearer。

Thrift:In principle disciplining thrifty, to provide customers with quality products for customers。

Sustainable Development:According to customer requirements and strive to improve themselves, to keep the product under sustainable development update。


Company humanistic spirit:"Innovative and efficient unity"

Unity:Unity essential for a team rooted, the million people pay attention to unity Zhaolong, the company's primary and most important spiritual。

Cooperation:Together, mutual assistance and mutual cooperation, mutual communication。

Innovation:Zhaolong one hundred million people throughout all aspects of the innovative ideas, to promote scientific innovation, technological innovation。

Efficient:With excellent team, remain highly collaborative, scientific management, technological innovation philosophy to achieve efficient operation。