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Address: 4/F, Building 4, Yingtai Industrial Park, Dalang South Street Shenzhen, Guangdong

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Shenzhen billion Zhaolong Technology Co., Ltd. is a production and sales of specialized batteries and mobile power manufacturer, the company uphold: "Technology innovation, honesty, quality first" philosophy, designed to and provide you with quality products and services.

the existing battery products covering polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries, special batteries, mobile power, basic electrical properties, carbon batteries, button batteries, etc.. Batteries are widely used in mobile phones, mobile DVD player, MP3 / MP4 players, digital cameras, digital photo frames, Bluetooth headset, GPS, notebook computers, mobile speaker, portable power, power tools, LED flashlight, meters, instruments, multimeter, warm clothing, warm gloves, warm shoes, medical equipment, video machines, machine learning, model aircraft, vacuum cleaners, electric tools, electric car models, game consoles, security systems, lighting, lamp, etc. portable household appliances and other industrial products in the field ...

The company will uphold the "exploration, innovation, pragmatism, Li Yu," the spirit and the community work together to create a better future.